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WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Review – It’s Really Great 4.5/5 – MyFit

Rod Ferris May 1, 2013 2
  • Quality and Appearance
  • Usefulness
  • App Integration
  • Easy to Use
  • Installation

An Actual User’s Review of the Smart Body Analyzer (WS-50)

Update: May 22nd, 2015:

The device is much more battery efficient than the first year of use and it also provides almost I originally wanted in the wishlist with the exception of updating a server with certain variables.  For example, I would really love it if it could post data to a specified server when the device changes state (new CO2 data or indoor temperature information). That would allow more connected hubs (#smartthings) to act upon this data (#nest ) to change the room (ie. close the blinds automatically).

Update: April 4th 2014:

A lot of the issues mentioned below have been ironed out and they introduced some new features into the scale which makes this still the most feature packed scale available on the market. Having weather updates and CO2 readings by pushing the centre button is really what I thought was possible with this technology. It also separates itself well from the cheaper Aria scale this way. Well done Withings.



Most of us have heard of WiFi scales but I have found the latest and greatest as of May 3rd, 2013. This scale is an evolution of Withings previous model, bringing more features to the table. This review is not meant to go over all the specifications. You can do that here. This review will touch on its usefulness and how the Smart Body Analyzer has changed the way I maintain my healthy lifestyle. There are so many positives that I feel like I should discuss the negatives just to demonstrate that this is a legitimate review. My experience was using an iPhone 5 so Android users may have a slightly different installation experience. My background is an advanced personal trainer so I know what makes people quit exercising and this does the exact opposite.

  • Installation | Great (4.5/5)

Withings has taken great care into their setup and installation to streamline the procedure in just a few clicks through the menus (you don’t even have to type in your WiFi password).

UPDATE May 22nd, 2015:

Withings has fixed the difficult setup experience that I had a long time ago and now it’s a very simple setup and as long as you change to the athelete profile if you are ‘fit’ then it should be accurate and consistent.

“My experience, however, despite being a tech geek, is that it was not quite as smooth as I would have expected judging by the obvious intentions of their smooth looking app. I went through all the menus and instructions that came with the scale and had a few errors. When I tried to get my first measurements to the app it did not contain the ‘body fat’ measurements. You need to enable it in your profile first. You may also need to assign certain measurements with profiles. Once you troubleshoot and take a few more measurements for the first day it seems to work itself out.”

Body Composition Scale Profile: Athlete Version 2011

You may also notice that when you first get the scale that your body fat maybe a little high. If you are a gym rat you need to change the scale’s setting for your profile.

  • Quality and Appearance (5/5)

I'm not about to hide something so beautiful

I’m not about to hide something so beautiful

Most fitness gadgets these days are made of plastic and are not very attractive but this scale is meant to be shown and has an Apple like appearance to it. There isn’t one thing I would change with the appearance or quality of the product. It has only been two weeks since I received it but it is definitely made well.

  • App Integration | Fantastic (5/5)

Withings has been the pioneer in the world of wireless WiFi scales and it shows by the participation of its partners. Within the Withings app there are a few partners such as BodyMedia, RunKeeper and Zeo. This doesn’t seem like many but a lot of other apps such as MyFitnessPal, FitBit, MyFit Fitness (coming soon) and LoseIt! also connect to the scale through their own app making it easy to track your weight.

  • Ease of Use | Super easy, my two year old uses it (5/5)

This product is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to select a profile to enter your weight. You simply stand on the scale and it recognizes which profile to pull based on your weight. Once things are setup properly this could not be easier or more fun to use.

  • Usefulness | This is a pillar in weight loss maintenance (5/5)

Most fitness plans are easy to stick to for the first 21 days and then they become very difficult to maintain the same ‘umph’ that you had on day 1. It could be that you lost a few pounds and are content with the results. It could be that your old habits got in the way. This is the very reason to get this scale. Not only does it give you reminders (if you set them up), but it makes it easy to visualize your progress.

I have been training for a long time but most recently with having two kids it has been difficult to find the time at night to go to the gym. I can already tell that this scale has now changed my life (seriously). My outlook on my weight has changed. It is now so easy to keep it at the top of my brain.

Integration with the Pebble Watch

Pebble with Withings

The pebble watch has been great to use with the Smart Body Analyzer. Every time I weigh myself I get a notification to my phone with the results. This is now timed perfectly when I step into the kitchen for my breakfast. This allows me to make an easy healthy choice and acts as a reminder for my goals. I accomplish this through ifttt.com and boxcar.io.



It’s not quite perfect, yet

  • There are a few things that I would change and it would be to make use of Bluetooth 4.0. While it is advertised as bluetooth it is really only used for the setup. You must have a WiFi connection in the room you keep the scale if you wish to make good use of the scale. For me this is not a problem so it was not counted into my scoring for this review.
  • I would like more triggers and timed alerts in ifttt.com to be reminded about my weight or goals; i.e. Right before lunch send me a reminder about my goal weight. This could be in the app or through ifttt.
  • July 3rd Update: As of their last update the WS-50 updates the C02 measurements automatically to their website. This is what I said:The CO2 measurements only get sent to the app when you weigh yourself which is a little deceiving when looking at their Youtube video. Knowing that you’re sleeping in a CO2 filled room is very interesting and I have opened my window everyday now.
  • Heart rate measurements may not be as useful as I thought they would be. I sometimes forget to weigh myself at the same time of day so my heart rate chart will be all over the map. A tagging filter system used in their app might be the best use of this feature. Ie. tag: ‘coffee’ and then you can filter your readings by clicking the coffee tag. That way it’s at least similar. Or perhaps you could filter the readings by time of day. The same goes with the weight chart.


WS-50 Gets a big 4.5/5 stars!
There really are not too many products that change the way I behave. Having reminders first thing before my breakfast about my body fat and weight is the biggest motivation to eat healthy for the rest of the day. It really is very easy to use and I have no trouble giving this a big thumbs up. From the quality to the integration with my other already used apps this is definitely the most featured and highest quality WiFi scale on the market.

We have added a link to the product on Amazon where you can purchase it here:




We were sent this scale from Withings so we could test our integration with our Fitness App, they did not pay us or pull our arm to write this review. This is my honest opinion and I stand by it.


  1. anon June 8, 2013 at 8:32 pm -

    “little deceiving”? It shows the air quality report when you touch the center “button”. My scale does not do this. On my scale the button does nothing. Maybe this is a “planned” feature that could be delivered in a firmware upgrade.

    • Rod Ferris June 9, 2013 at 1:30 am -

      The deceiving part I’m referring to is receiving constant updates to the app and perhaps notifications to know I need to open a window. Maybe that’s the assumption I got (or hoped), rather than just the scale only updating after I step on it.