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The Top 10 Ways Athos Will Change the Way We Workout Forever

Rod Ferris January 7, 2014 3

Athos is the most advanced piece of clothing you could ever wear

If you haven’t heard about Athos yet and you are serious about changing your body or you are an athlete, what I’m about to tell you will blow your mind.

What is Athos Clothing?

Athos clothing is speciality-made with sensors placed all over it along with three specially-placed Bluetooth 4.0 transmitters to display your body statistics through an app.

What type of statistics are we talking about?

Real-time heart rate, muscle output, balance, cadence, active resting times and the list goes on.  This brings me to the top 10 reasons I think Athos clothing will change the way we workout forever.

The Top 10 Ways Athos Will Change Fitness and Sports

1. Real-Time Tracking

Prior to this technology we had a version of real-time heart rate monitors, fitness trackers (such as the FitBit Flex) and using a log book to track our workouts.  These are great but having real-time information at our fingertips for muscle output, balance, cadence and resting times just wasn’t possible.  It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the self-quantifying types.

2. Think you’re Tired?  Guess Again.

Having real-time muscle output and heart rate values such as what Athos is attempting to achieve will make it possible for everyone to be their own personal trainer and to self-motivate.  A lot of us quit a workout based on how tired we feel.  Perhaps even cutting a set short because we think our muscles cannot do another rep.  Knowing that one’s chest muscles are not fully activated during a press can help to achieve better form and overall muscle breakdown for recovery during rest.

3. Preventing Injuries: Are you putting too much stress on your quadriceps and not on your hamstrings?

Real-time recommendations are possible with this technology.  Imagine doing a squat and finding out that you have been doing it all wrong and are not targeting the proper muscles.  Perhaps you had your back arched and you were not putting your glutes far enough back.  These are the types of corrections you could make in real-time.

4.  Maximize your Time

Knowing the actual rest time in your workout along with your actual muscle output would let you know if you can rest or quit your workout.  Imagine working out for 40 minutes instead of an hour everyday.  This would make a long term difference and subsidize your purchase in a few months time (how much is your time worth?).

5. Coaching

Knowing which athletes are tired or are about to get injured could mean the difference between a win or a loss.  While I don’t believe the integration is there yet, it could be in the next few years.  Imagine a coach sitting at the side of the field knowing real-time information about his athletes vitals.  Making decisions based on current resting heart rate values during a huddle would change the designed play.  Why would you throw a ball to a guy who had a resting heart rate of 180, he is tired and is probably just about to gas out.

6. Google Glass Integration

While there is no current known method to do this yet, the possibilities with this would be incredible.  Having the ability to see your metrics without taking your attention away from the activity would be revolutionary.

For example:  Let’s pretend you’re golfing.  Knowing that you are trying too hard or are not using enough of your core muscles to rotate around the ball could mean the difference of 40-50 yards in distance during a drive.

7.  Smart Watches such as the Pebble Watch and Galaxy Gear Integration

Since a Google Glass app probably will not happen until the team at Athos have enough interest and feedback from customers to attack such a device, there are other wearable devices that are easy to port this type of information.  While the Athos team has not specifically said their will be an API, I would imagine the apps will give out local notifications which will appear on the smartwatch that you’re going to buy this year.  Having had a Pebble for some time I realized I can’t live without it.  It is invaluable for getting data without having to take out my phone and it keeps me from playing with my phone all the time.  #nobodylikesthat, #relationshipsaver

8.  Automatic Workout Tracking

Imagine getting notifications of what to do on your smart watch but then the watch also telling you to either stop or keep going?  Imagine it could change the exercises every week automatically to make sure you are attacking all angles of your muscles?  Imagine all of this being recorded, checked and analysed in real-time automatically?  I do not imagine this entire feature set right away but the ability will be there with each and every Athos product.  Now if only they would let our app be integrated into their product!

9.  Sport Specific Training

Once again, this will take time and need a demand to create a solution but you will definitely be able to assign exercise solutions to improvements in every type of sporting action.  Ie. A baseball swing, a hockey V-Start etc.  Having a visual recording of the action will allow you to see which muscles are slowing your action down or perhaps activating when they shouldn’t be.

10. The ULTIMATE Social Comparison Tool

Not only could you get live comparison charts with your friends, it would be deadly accurate for the results.  It would be hard to cheat the charts as a workout log could contain information such as how far the user went, how slow they went and even how fit they are overall.


Athos clothing is available now for pre-order at $298 (just for a shirt and the ‘core transmitter’).  This may seem steep at the moment, but once you see what it can do I don’t think you will have a problem with the price.

The downside is that it is only available in the US at the moment but we are talking with them to try to find out when we get some Canadian love.

Make No Mistake

This is not anther fitness tracking product that you will have no use for in just a few months.  This is a revolution in fitness and sports.


  1. Garrett K July 5, 2014 at 12:54 am -

    Just take my money!

  2. Notasucker July 5, 2014 at 4:46 am -

    I stopped reading after something like “not available right now” and something like “In the future.” Maybe in the future some credible company will bring it out. This ad is up there with all the other crap that does nothing but claims to, only this one says it will do something in the future. What a load of BS. Now I will watch to see how much spam my “spam” email gets from this post 😉

    • Rod Ferris July 6, 2014 at 3:36 am -

      I can tell you that this product is real and we will be receiving an early model for reviewing and testing. My article was speculating what this technology can accomplish with the right backing, software and focus.

      You will not be receiving any spam at all, I have no idea why you would think that. This comment box is by Disqus, and you didn’t input any email to us.

      I’d watch liveathos.com for updates on the release date but from what I understand it shouldn’t be too much longer until they are shipping.