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Skulpt Review | The Best Tool for Personal Trainers 4.5/5

Rod Ferris October 7, 2015 Comments Off on Skulpt Review | The Best Tool for Personal Trainers 4.5/5
  • Build Quality
  • Usefulness
  • Ease of Use


What is the Skulpt device?

Skulpt is the first of its kind to do what other IOT fitness devices can’t.  Measure and assess your individual muscles for overall quality (they call it MQ) and body fat percentage (BF).  Prior to this device we had other ways to measure overall body fat such as underwater weighing, body fat scales and calipers.  Those are great methods and are still useful but they are not the best for tracking your body composition over time.


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The problem with the current body fat testing methods is…

The problem with all those methods are that we don’t know where our fat is accumulated throughout our body to know if we are indeed improving our composition.  For example, some trainers measure success on our body weight or body fat percentage.  If you are reading this, you know how this could be a mistake.  Another way to measure success as a trainer is to take body measurements with a tape measure.  While this is desirable for the abdominal area, it’s not ideal for your arms where you may increase the size of your arms after gaining muscle.  Knowing what percentage of fat and muscle is extremely important for motivation to keep striving to achieve the best results.

What else should you use to track your progress?

We all know the best way to track your progress while working out is through a workout log.  This way you can easily see which muscles are lagging, which muscles haven’t been exercised in a while and so forth.  This should be used in conjunction with Sculpt.  That way you can match the muscle quality graph with the numbers on your log.  There are also apps you can use as well.

Why should a trainer purchase one?

Showing your worth after your original 6 or 12 sessions is the key to becoming a successful personal trainer.  Unless you can woo them with your social game, the odds are that unless you are producing results for them, they will take what you taught them and move on.    Now, lets say that you could show them with a graph  how you did over time and prove that what you are doing to them WORKS.  Also, lets say that they didn’t lose any weight but you’re telling them they are stronger and probably feeling better.  That’s not a guarantee they will stay with you but maybe they increased their MQ (Muscle Quality) by 20 points and reduced their abdominal fat by 3% over that time.  I would guess that you would get a renewed contract for your services.

Initial Impressions

My first impression of the device is exactly how it looks on their website except surprisingly even a higher build quality.  It’s durable, seems water resistant (as it has to be because you spray it with water all the time) and it looks like I could drop it without damage.  I wouldn’t suggest trying that as the front glass may break.

Random Thoughts

It also appears to look like a phone with a touch screen.  It’s not a touch screen but it has buttons on the side to push to navigate through screens.

Powering it up and pairing it with the app is extremely straight forward.  You’ll have no difficulties doing so.

Everyone I told about this device wanted to know their own scores and percentages.

The led’s on the side of the device let you know if the ‘reading’ you just took worked or you need to readjust the device or apply more moisture on the sensors.

How does it work?

There are two main ways:

  1. You can use the app on the iPhone in remote mode.  This way lets you have less interaction with the device and just place it all around the person as you go.  The idea is much better than the result.  I tried the ‘remote’ feature and was left pretty frustrated but I was also using a beta device and they had JUST implemented the ‘remote’ feature.  I’m confident they will fix the bugs with this soon.
  2. You can also use it straight on the device.  This is the tried and true method and allows you to leave the iPhone behind.

With both methods you need the included water spray bottle which is the most important thing you need to do before each measurement. It may seem like you don’t need to spray between each measurement but you should as it will produce more accurate results.

Steps to measure:

Enter measurement mode and then it will prompt you to have a ‘Quick Measure’ or ‘All’.  Quick measurement basically takes 4 readings and then comes up with an algorithm to come up with your score.

Once you click of those options you can spray the sensors with water and begin placing the device on your muscles.  After completing all the measurements you can either sync the device or just look at your results on the iPhone.



  • Figuring out how to use it in each muscle was hard until they updated the app giving you images of how to place the device.
  • Measurements do vary slightly so making sure the device is very well sprayed and taking the measurements at the same time everyday will help.  For example, in the morning, before a drink.
  • The battery lasts a little while but I’d prefer if it lasted longer.  I find I have to recharge it before use even if I left 50% charge on it.  It seems to drain without usage.
  • A better explanation of muscle quality (MQ) is needed.
  • An english translation from your progress may be helpful to know how you’re doing. For example, “Over the past 12 measurements you’ve increased your overall MQ by 10.  You are getting much stronger overall.  Keep up the good work”.
  • If you’re not a trainer or under 15% BF you might not want to spend this kind of cash (150 US) on a device like this.  This is more of an elite fitness tool.


  • Just having any knowledge of your progress is extremely important and just the act of tracking may keep you away from using the dreaded ‘I’m too tired’ excuse. Knowing you’re improving is addicting and will keep you doing what is working.
  • An intuitive app, visual graphs, decent tutorials and a high quality device will keep you using it and prevent it from being a paper weight.
  • Breaking through plateaus with this will be easier because you can try different routines and see what’s working and what isn’t.


This device is exactly what I have been looking for and fits a need for personal trainers.  Having this data in my toolbox helps my clients find out what is happening to them during their sessions.  Like I mentioned earlier, this device isn’t for everyone that lifts weights.  It’s mostly for users that are looking to get the most out of their routines and want to prove it’s effectiveness.

We were able to get our hands on the beta and think you should get the full version.


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