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Cookies for the Cookie Diet

What is it?

Cookie diet is an exceptional low-calorie diet based on a hunger-controlling, meal substitution in the form of a special type of cookie which you can gain from the diet source. You can see a number of cookie diets presently on the market, such as Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Smart for Life and Hollywood Cookie Diet.  These cookie diets range from 4 to 6 cookies per day, with at least one meal of six ounces of meat for the Siegal one.

Sounds delicious

The goal was to be as easy as possible. Instead of consuming lunch and breakfast, you eat six diet cookies right through the day whenever you feel hungry. At dinnertime you have more of a conventional meal, though probably lesser than you are used to. The meal would comprise of 6 oz. of chicken, fish or other seafood, and one cup of vegetables. It is also significant to notice that you want to drink enough water and other fluids throughout the day.

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Normally, a diet doesn’t work because you need to consume fewer calories every week in order to lose weight. When you eat a low calorie diet, it is very hard to deal with severe hunger pains so we succumb to our hunger and over eat. Most foods that suppress our hunger successfully are fatty foods that are high in calories. That’s where the cookie comes in. This particular cookie successfully suppresses your hunger while also remaining a low calorie food.

The working of cookie diet is like this, everybody knows that it takes a low calorie diet to successfully lose weight. Or, you can do sufficient exercise that will offset your calorie intake and make a negative calorie deficiency every week but that is much harder to do. However, a low calorie diet is hard to keep up with due to hunger pains which are something nobody should have to go through. When you eat very little calories you can get hungry again very quickly. Most foods that suppress your hunger are fatty and high in calories so they won’t help you lose weight at all. The cookies include an exclusive blend of amino acids.  The amino acids create an effect where you feel full and no more hunger pains.

Which cookies could I eat?

The cookie diet cookies come in a variety of flavors. The main flavors include Banana, Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Coconut, Blueberry etc. The Cookie diet plan was create a food that is less in calories, but also holds back your hunger obviously using amino acids and food proteins. Cookie diet develops a low calorie food that is a natural hunger suppressant. Fundamentally, you eat 7 cookies a day which is about 500 calories and then a nutritious dinner consisting of lean meat and a green vegetable which is about 300. This gives you an 800 calorie per day diet and would normally be near impossible if it weren’t for the hunger suppressing agents in the cookie. It is recommended that the cookie diet plan can be applied to anyone who is looking to lose weight in a healthy way.

By integrating special amino acids and proteins, the cookie diet permits you to stick to your diet by caring you from being hungry all the time. Along with the cookies, you consume a healthy dinner of six ounces of lean meat, such as a chicken breast, and a cup of tasty vegetables. At only about ninety calories per cookie, the cookie diet cookies restrain your appetite and keep you from blowing your diet because of the hunger pains that would originate from your rumbling stomach without eating something.

One normal dinner meal

The Cookie Diet is a popular diet that boasts eating six cookies, one full dinner meal, vegetables, and liquids on a daily basis for a total of 800 calories to lose weight quickly and safely. The Cookie Diet that is helping his followers to drop an average of fifteen pounds per month. The diet works by consuming six cookies that zap dieters hunger. The diet only allows for one main meal, dinner. The only foods you are allowed to eat for dinner is:

  • six ounces of fish
  • turkey
  • chicken
  • seafood

Theory behind the weight loss

The cookies hold amino acids that help to keep hunger at a distance. The proteins in the cookies to suppress hunger are rice, oats, bran, and whole wheat flour. The only criticism by most customers of this diet is that the cookies do not taste nearly as good as normal grocery store style cookies. Dr. Siegal, the inventor give details that although the cookies are available in three dissimilar flavors (coconut, raisin, or chocolate) they are not destined to be full of flavor (Note: Six cookies give sixty grams of carbs a day).

Notes from Dr. Siegel

He recommends his patients to eat six cookies all through the day whenever hungry. The cookies are the only foods eaten all day and then the patients are rewarded with dinner.  He advocates a lofty protein dinner containing up to 6 oz of either chicken, turkey, fish and other seafood with one cup of vegetables. Red meat is not prescribed because of its high fat content. Total calorie intake ranges around 800 calories per day. Dr.Seigel says this gives fast results and increases motivation to stay on program. Once you have attained your intention weight you can go on the cookies throughout the day but just raise the calories in the evening meal so as to uphold the weight loss.

Dr.Siegal does highlight that this diet plan should only be undertaken with the conformity from a doctor and under medical administration.

For losing weight you must use the Cookie Diet as a preliminary point and continue with their diet through sound nutrition and exercise. Target setting is considered to be one of the most valuable and useful ways to lose weight for a long phase of time.

MyFit Conclusion

This is a poor excuse for a diet; the idea is calorie restriction but making it a fun way to think about it. The end result is an extremely irritable yo-yo dieter. The user will certainly result in gaining the weight after the diet ends since a sensible healthy lifestyle is not enforced.

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