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Suddenly Slim Diet Review | Not Recommended 2/5 | MyFit

Team MyFit December 24, 2011 Comments Off on Suddenly Slim Diet Review | Not Recommended 2/5 | MyFit
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What is it?

This diet is a cleansing weight loss program developed by nutritional experts, scientists and medical doctors.

Their Claim

This 10-day program increases the metabolic process rate and burns calories effectively. The diet ensures that you get rid of 6 to 10 pounds after the 10 day program.

There are two types of programs:

Program 1

The first diet program is called ‘calorie shifting.’ This program requires that you take six small meals and drink eight glasses of water daily. It has been proved that these six small meals per day help reduce 10 pounds of weight in the first week itself. Researches show that starving makes you fatter. If your body does not get the required amount of calories, it would start reducing your metabolism to preserve calories. This is the main reason why you gain adipose tissue (fat). In calorie shifting, you are required to eat continually in different ways to keep your body from adjusting to a routine. Once this happens, the metabolic rate increases and the body starts burning fat.

Thoughts about program 1

Calorie shifting is the reason for a cheat day in most dietary programs and even for bodybuilders! It is an effective way to improve your metabolic rate.

Program 2

The second program is called ‘cleansing.’ This program removes the waste material, toxins and parasites inside the body. They also claim that people who follow this program will lose around 10 to 20 pounds within a week and that this program not only helps you lose weight, but also cleanses your body and makes it healthier.

Thoughts about program 2

Cleansing or detoxing your body requires a high amount of vegetables, water and fruit which does not build muscle mass. You may lose weight due to a lack of calories, but losing bodyfat and keeping it off isn’t likely with program number two.

What foods and supplements do I eat?

This plan includes taking pills and diet shakes as a meal replacement. It has a list of products called, Slim ‘N Up. They include Slim ‘N Up Free!, Reneu’, and Body FX. These are all herbal supplements used around the world for weight loss. These products contain ingredients such as dandelion root, garcinia campogia, ephedra extract, green tea and chromium picolinate. These ingredients help increase your caloric expenditure and thus help lose weight. So, just by taking these supplements you will lose weight without altering the normal diet or doing too much exercise.

Some side effects are possible

Apart from these positive effects, these herbal supplements may sometimes cause certain side effects in some people. Many people wrongly believe that herbal supplements are always safe. It is better to consult a healthcare professional before starting any type of diet plans, especially when you take supplements like the stimulantants above.


  • This plan is not advisable for diabetic patients.
  • It is also not good for people with high blood pressure because caffeine speeds up the heartbeat and this may cause a minor uplifting effect on blood pressure.

A phase II 28-day program for extended use is also available. This extended diet plan may cause problems in non-diabetics and diabetics alike. The replacement shakes used in this diet plan are sweetened with fructose. For many people it may not make any problem. Still, it is highly advisable that you keep away from fructose.

MyFit Conclusion:

This is an expensive yo-yo type weight loss solution which does not focus on gaining muscle mass to raise your internal basal metabolic rate and should not be followed. While these supplements are found in most weight loss pills you cannot maintain this expensive solution and will certainly fall off the wagon and gain the weight back.

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