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Slim Fast Diet Review | 3/5 Expensive | MyFit

Team MyFit December 29, 2011 Comments Off on Slim Fast Diet Review | 3/5 Expensive | MyFit
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What is it?

Sold by Unilever in many parts of the world including US, Slim Fast is a popular brand of diet product that includes slim fast snacks, Shakes, packaged meals, bars, and various other dietary supplements that is developed with the intention of promoting healthy diet as well as a weight loss plan. Slim fast products are available in different types including Optima, Original, High protein, Low carb, and Easy-to-digest. Optima shakes are the blend of vegetable and protein rich ingredients that are available in 6 flavored packages including creamy milk chocolate, strawberries n’ cream cappuccino delight, rich chocolate royale and French vanilla.

Their Meal Plan

Following a strict Slim Fast meal plan is claimed to be highly important and essential for healthy body and mind as it keeps away diseases and controls over weight. The typical Slim Fast meal plan goes as follows:

  1. Breakfast: Shake or bar during breakfast, low fat yogurt, piece of fruit, fat free dip and veggies as snack
  2. Lunch: Soup, sauce and pasta along with any of the six different types of hot meals of Slim Fast with vegetables or salad
  3. Dinner: Again, snack bar or frozen snack for evening snack, a sensible dinner with lean meat, four to six ounces of poultry or fish, three steamed fruits and vegetable- overall with 600-700 calories meals, finally desert with low fat air popped popcorn and a piece of fruit to end up with. Moreover, it is advised to take in lots of water plus half an hour of regular exercise daily.

Man drinking a shakeHow many pills should I be taking on their plan?

How often to use the Slim Fast diet pills depend on which type of product you have opted for.   According to the time of meal, you will be instructed to use the Slim Fast formula as per the information provided on the product leaflet.

Does it work?

Like any other strict diet control (or calorie restricted diets), regular intake of Slim Fast also works well if you follow their calorie restricted diet.  Since the weigh loss plan also depends on the effective substitution of meals with several products such as shakes, snacks, bars etc- they are the best replacement program for cutting off your extra calories.

MyFit Conclusion

This ready to drink product of Slim Fast is highly efficient in reducing overweight as well as eliminating cravings for certain high calorie foods if you’re willing to stick to their plan and want to pony up the extra Benjamins for their costly shakes, bars and snacks.

Does that mean you recommended it?

We wouldn’t go that far; the slim fast plan is focused on supplementing regular food with shakes. These shakes although nutritious, can’t be maintained for a lifetime and a yo-yo effect may occur. The best plan we have found to date is the Abs Diet. It focuses on 12 power foods which keep your blood sugar levels in check and adipose tissue to a minimum.  The biggest downfall with most of these fad diets is the recommendation of substituting regular food for ‘packaged products’.   Encouraging a healthy lifestyle should be the primary focus of any diet.

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