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  • Difficulty to Follow
  • Research Support
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Effectiveness

What is the subway diet?

The Subway Diet Plan, also known as Jared’s Diet, is a fad diet designed by Jared Fogle on the basis of the Subway restaurants’ low fat menu. According to reports, Jared Fogle – a former obese student of University of Indiana and now a spokesperson of Subway – lost about 250 lbs within a period of one year by replacing two meals a day with two sandwiches from Subway restaurant. Along with this, Jared also limited the intake of fats as well as alcoholic beverages. As a result, Jared was able to derive outstanding weight loss, since his weight went from 425 lbs to 190 lbs in a year. Even though the Subway Diet is more an individual’s success story rather than a well planned way to shed off unwanted weight, this diet plan has led to the increased hype of Subway restaurants as a healthy fast food choice. In other words, Subway menu has been now regarded as a fresh, healthy alternative to enjoy takeaway food.


  • Subway meals are readily available
  • Preparation time is minimal
  • Subway provides nutritional value of every food
  • Straightforward and easy to follow
  • Vegetarian friendly


  • Super low caloric intake
  • High sodium with compared to making your own meals
  • Other processed type foods like cheese
  • Cost
  • Not as effective as suggesting a high vegetable, higher protein and good fats type diet

How does it work?

The Subway Diet’s underlying principle is to intake a low fat diet, which at the same time should be accompanied by the right exercise program. It has been devised in the form of a low calorie diet and includes breakfast with fruit or low calorie food and two other meals with a low fat sandwich. When you follow this diet plan, you have options to choose from seven different types of sandwiches that have been labeled as Jared’s Favorites.

Each of these sandwiches has six grams of fat or sometimes even less, and includes oven roasted chicken breast, black forest ham, turkey breast, turkey breast and black forest ham, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, the Subway club and veggie delight. In addition, you should avoid the usage of mayo, cheese and salad dressing with these sandwiches. However, you can use mustard or vinegar to add to sandwich’s flavor.

As such, the Subway diet recommends a calorie intake of 1,000 calories per day (Myfit does not recommend such a low calorie intake!). This will lead to the decrease of blood glucose levels, thereby forcing the body to create its own fat reserves. Further, this diet plan claims that your cravings for snacks in between the meals will disappear because it takes long time for proteins to get digested.

How to get the best results from this diet plan

In order to get maximum results from this diet plan, follow the points mentioned below.

  • Intake two Subway sandwiches of six grams per day for four weeks
  • Make sure that your food choices are healthy. Opt for food items like:
  • Wheat bread
  • Low calorie choices in the form of mustard oil, vinegar and light mayo
  • Vegetables
  • Grilled chicken and turkey to ensure that your body gets right amount of proteins
  • Small amount of cheese
  • Keep yourself hydrated, i.e. drink plenty of water
  • Work out daily

Jared’s Meal Plan

There are two variants of Jared’s Meal Plan such as:


  • Breakfast: Coffee
  • Lunch: One six inch Turkey Sub with baked potato chips
  • Dinner: One 12 inch veggie Sub


  • Breakfast: A small bowl of cereal with low fat milk
  • Lunch: Turkey Subway sandwich and Diet Pepsi
  • Dinner: Vegetarian Subway sandwich and water
  • Snacks: Apples and Oranges

Subway Diet and Exercise

A low calorie diet plan may not alone help you to achieve your weight loss goal. According to Jared, proper exercise programs are very important to get maximum benefits from this diet plan. However, you needn’t have to use any special kind of equipment for working out. Jared used to walk 1.5 miles to and from Subway, apart from the intake of two low fat meals per day. An appropriate workout plan not only helps your body to burn calories and lose weight but also to enhance your overall fitness.

Is it necessary to take any precautions when using this diet plan?

Jared highly recommends people to seek assistance of a registered practitioner and a dietician, prior to embarking on this diet plan. In addition, it is also vital to go for a regular full body check up as well as blood tests while you observe this diet plan.

MyFit Conclusion

Do not follow this diet as it is:

  • Too expensive
  • Too hard to maintain
  • Doesn’t focus on strength training to build muscle to keep the weight off

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