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The Gabriel Method is regarded as an effective health restoration diet plan devised by Jon Gabriel. In this well-written book, Jon Gabriel shares his own experience of once being 187 kilos, and the revolutionary as well as unique approach he adopted to shed his more than 100 kilos within a period of just two and a half years and that too without following any specific diet, exercise or intake of drugs.

One of the distinctive things regarding The Gabriel Method is that it is a weight loss plan without dieting, and the idea behind this book is that your body is governed by an internal logic, which in turn determines whether you should be thin or fat.

In other words, rather than focusing on a specific diet plan or exercise, this diet plan guides you in altering your internal logic in such a way that it boosts your will power to eventually lose your weight.


As per this diet method, your body is forced to gain weight due to several such reasons as intake of less nutrient foods, stress, and lack of enough sleep. This in turn pushes your body to cling on to the fat, thereby forcing you to crave as well as consume less nutrient food which adversely affects your body metabolism. Once you begin to follow this weight loss plan, it works in such a way that you feel as if you are in a condition of deprivation, no matter how much you consume. As a result, your body tries to preserve more fat from the food that you intake in order to strengthen your body in times of famine, thereby changing your body’s logic to approach food as simple as changing the body’s logic from deprivation to feast and vice versa. In short, according to the Gabriel Diet Plan, when you really determine to be thinner, you try to be more efficient in burning unnecessary fat through the intake of healthy food.

The result is that it promotes for enhanced metabolism and allows you to become naturally thin by shedding that weight that was once a constraint to enjoy your life. In short, with this unique diet program, all you have to do is to just change your state of mind in order to witness how you amazingly shed your surplus weight and reveal your ideal weight.

What foods do I eat?

As mentioned earlier, Gabriel Diet gives emphasis to mind rather than your body. Even though there is not any specific food plan as per this weight loss program, it advocates you to promote such a diet program that aid to well-balance two hormones that are indispensable for weight loss, such as, insulin and leptin. Gabriel Diet also advises to intake foods that are whole, fresh, modestly processed, and rich in minerals and vitamins. Discussed below are some of the recommended foods when you follow this diet plan:

  • Foods rich in Omega 3
  • Organic dairy products and grass fed beef
  • Ground flax seeds as well as flax seed oil
  • Mackerel
  • Organic free chicken
  • Salads and fruits
  • Whey Protein
  • Salmon
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Sardines

For best results, it would be even better if you could follow a simple diet plan such as:

breakfast: Omega 3 enriched eggs and fresh spinach and tomato;

lunch: Tuna and kale rye bread sandwich with a fresh green salad

dinner: grilled salmon with mixed vegetables.

Above all, along with these, your strong determination to become thin is also important when you follow this diet plan.

How much exercise is required?

Gabriel Method suggests that if exercise is done in right proportion it would definitely aid your body to become thin. As such, it recommends dieters to carry out interval training, apart from encouraging them to be more active and to indulge in such activities that they really enjoy doing.  Clearly an emphasis on exercise is not placed and thus a low review score!

Does the Gabriel Method work?

In the light of the above, it is evident that Gabriel Method is not a magic diet program that guarantees you a sudden weight loss within a month or two. On the other hand, it adopts a holistic approach that works gradually and consistently to burn unnecessary fat and calories in order to provide you with a thinner figure. In short, it is all about adjusting your mindset to eat only that much required to your body rather than following a strict diet plan. Despite certain drawbacks such as a lack of structured diet plan and slow results, many believe that it really works due to its positive revision of psychological issues to improve your will power and attitude.

Is it a scam?

If you take a quick look at their website you may instinctively say “Yes”.  Well, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye but we still recommend staying away from this diet and try the ADA Diet or Mediterranean Diet instead.

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