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What is it?

A kosher diet, alternatively referred to as a Kashrut diet or a Jewish diet, is simply a diet plan that conforms to the Jewish dietary laws known as Kashrut.  This word, Kashrut, is derived from a Hebrew word literally meaning ‘healthy’ or ‘proper’. In other words, a kosher diet is based on ritualistic and philosophical rules and beliefs of the Jewish religion, as stated in the Torah in the book of Leviticus. Its origin is attributed to the Bible as well as rabbinic elucidations, and is thoroughly based on religious faith. The kosher diet not only lists an extensive list of food items that should be eaten when you follow this diet plan but also provides food preparatory options and proper food combinations.


As per the kosher dietary plan:

  • Seafood should be eaten only if it has translucent fins and scales. Among those that must be avoided according to the Kashrut are crabs, clams, lobsters, oysters, and shrimps.
  • Fruits, vegetables and seaweed can be consumed provided they are free of insects.
  • Birds such as chicken, duck, geese, and turkey are permitted.
  • Animals are permitted only if they have cloven hooves and chew their food. Cows, sheep, goats, and deer are some of the animals that are allowable to eat.
  • Blood must be completely drained from the meat prior to its cooking.
  • Birds and animals should be eaten only if they are killed or slaughtered according to the Jewish guidelines, namely, shechita. Birds or animals that die as a result of natural reasons are prohibited.
  • Eggs are allowable provided they are obtained from a kosher raised bird.
  • Milk and other dairy items are permitted if their source is from kosher animals.
  • Honey can be consumed if it is made from vegetable-based enzymes.
  • Unleavened cereals and grains are allowable.
  • Drinks like wine and grape juice are permitted.
  • All reptiles are strictly prohibited.
  • The combination of meat and milk or fish and milk are not allowed.
  • Meat and fish should not be kept together on the same plate.
  • Separate plates and utensils should be used for serving items such as meat, fish and dairy.

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Confusing? Definitely, here are some of the rules

When you decide to observe a kosher diet plan, it is important to take into consideration certain things. Some of the rules include:

1. Foremost is that milk, meat and fish should never be eaten together.

2. Each meal as per the kosher diet should be either meat or milk.

3. Meat items include certain body parts of an animal or bird including lamb, beef, chicken and turkey.

4. Likewise, milk or dairy products include food items that are made from the milk of kosher-raised animals and include items like butter, cheese and chocolate.

5. Foods that do not belong to the meat or dairy food categories, but are permitted, include fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals.

6. If your main dish is a mutton stew, all foods consumed along with this meal must be either meat or grains or produce.

7. There must be a gap of one to five hours between the intake of dairy products and meat products.

As mentioned earlier, when you observe the kosher diet plan, it is important to carefully blend the food items for a mealtime. For example, as per this diet plan, it is not recommended to eat a cheese burger, as cheese is a dairy product and a burger is a meat item.

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