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Diet and Fitness Product Reviews | MyFit Herbalife Diet Review | 2.5/5 Expensive | Myfit - Diet and Fitness Product Reviews | MyFit

Herbalife Diet Review | 2.5/5 Expensive | Myfit

Team MyFit December 28, 2011 5
  • Effectiveness
  • Lifestyle
  • Muscle Building for BMR
  • MyFit Recommended

The diet is an easy but costly diet mainly consisting of supplements and one well balanced meal a day. It is a simple diet plan to follow and can be very effective if properly followed and maintained.

What is the scheduled meal plan?

Breakfast: Take a  shake, 2 activator capsules and a multivitamin.
Lunch: Take another shake, 2 activator capsules and a multivitamin.
Dinner: A well balanced meal, 2 activator capsules and a multivitamin.

What are the pros?

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to use shakes and meal replacements

What are the Cons?

  • This diet is extremely expensive, with compared to other lifestyle type diets.
  • Weight loss may be as a result of calorie loss without a build in muscle mass to keep the pounds off once you go off the supplements
  • There are not nearly enough calories in the diet to increase your immune system or build muscle mass.

Why can’t I find an honest review about Herbalife?

If you notice all the Youtube videos regarding herbalife all sell their products.  This is called affiliate marketing.  It’s really hard to trust a third party with all these ‘ads’ out there.  While the herbalife products do work, it is a for profit solution to a basic problem.  The solution to this problem is outlined in the FREE abs diet review or in our free ebook ‘The Ultimate Weight Loss Bible’.

MyFit Conclusion

We would not recommend this diet because there are others available that are better for much less money and also support building muscle mass and doing cardio circuits to burn fat which will raise your BMR (see the Abs Diet).


  1. nutrition by design January 27, 2013 at 2:39 pm -

    Hmmm… based on your data here, I question this sites integrity. Herbalife is no more expensive than any healthy diet. Approx $3 per meal is what I pay. Also, they have their own workout series called 24 that is amazing! Plus – its the only program I’ve done where metabolism test are done regularly (and free of charge) to help you make sure you aren’t losing muscle mass. Perhaps your “researchers” were just skimming the surface for info, or trying to be sneaky. The #1 difference between HL and other programs is that you get your products from an individual coach (rather than a shelf or website). Your coach is there to encourage you and offer support. I’ve lost 70 lbs and changed my life using Herbalife products. I’ve also come to realize that many Americans want quick and easy with no accountability. They want someone else to blame when things don’t work. If that’s who you are, then don’t do HL – because if you use the products correctly-they work. And if you don’t, your coach will tell you to use them correctly. Its your decision.

    • Rod Ferris February 3, 2013 at 8:54 pm -

      First off, I question your intentions for commenting. Your comment sounds like its coming from HL (only employees would call it that). Not only that but you have a testimonial, you didn’t say anything negative… Only employees would do that (we get all kinds of commenter’s on our gym review sections).

      Thank you for the input about the workout they provide. I didn’t know they had one they prescribed to clients.

      Trust me. This is NOT the best diet out there. Calorie restricted, pay-per-meal is not sustainable in the long run. This may be effective in the short term and you ‘may’ have had the 70 pounds of weight loss you reported but I highly doubt you could keep this up for years with this plan.

      Successful diets are NOT diets at all they are lifestyle changes. They don’t focus on diet, they focus on your overall attitude towards exercise, activity, being healthy and healthy food. Unfortunately, ‘HL’ is not that. We recommend the ABS diet and not because we have any affiliation to Mens Health but because we genuinely believe this is a healthy lifestyle worth attaining.

      • Velma June 21, 2013 at 11:36 pm -

        I have been using Herballife products and I have lost over 100 pounds in about 2 years and have kept it off. You say its expensive ,but you would spent about the same or more on other products,or even trying to change the way you eat.

        • Rod Ferris July 5, 2013 at 3:58 am -

          Thanks for your feedback Velma. It’s good to hear that it worked for you and you’ve kept it off! Congratulations! The more HL users commenting the better as it will help tell the whole story of the program.

          On average how much did it cost per week and do you still have to pay for it? How is it working for you?

  2. Edwins Borges December 5, 2014 at 6:57 pm -

    hey how are you? I read the comments in this space and desire to contribute a little to the benefit of all. I am from Venezuela and I have used the products on time. is important to know that Herbalife is a company that produces not only to lose weight but for something more important: NUTRITION. you want to gain muscle mass? improve your nutrition. you want to lose weight? improve your nutrition. is not only the use of the products but also know how to eat healthy. in my experience can be 2 and 4 solid foods shakes, 3 shakes and 3 solid foods or 4 shakes and 2 solid meals a day.

    everyone before initiating a change in your eating habits should visit your doctor and make an overall assessment where observe your caloric expenditure depends hence their feeding.