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Know your 5!  Dr. Oz

What is it?

‘You on a Diet’ is a comprehensive health guide written by Oz-Roizen team, who are America’s most trusted as well as distinguished doctors and also the authors of the fast moving ‘YOU’ series. You on a Diet strives to bring out a practical approach in order to help people reducing their waistline, through the right proportion of food and exercise. In other words, this consists of a science-based diet plan that is aimed to shed unhealthy fat found around the waist. You on a diet guarantees that if you are ready to follow this diet plan, you can reduce about two inches from your waist and that too in just two weeks.

The authors – Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen – opine that it is important to give emphasis on waist measurement rather than losing the overall weight, as belly fat may be a cause for many serious health problems. In fact, this is one of the prime features that differentiate ‘You on a Diet’ from other related diet plans, which in most cases give importance to overall weight loss. Included in this diet plan are exercises, eating plans, and useful prescriptions for weight loss – all of which are focused to reduce your waist line. It also contains precise information on such topics as weight control, fat burning and fat storage, heredity and its relationship with weight, the significance of physical exercise, and above all, a brief info on your overall body functions covering metabolism and nutrition facts.

In short, this amazing book has been presented in such a way that it serves as a reliable source to give you vital information required for a systematic weight loss, apart from including in it some of the most important as well as realistic fundamentals for shedding waistline.

How much is the book?

You on a Diet is an informative book that is much more than a diet plan, containing in it a vast range of topics that are not only focused on weight loss but also to give you a thorough idea on your body chemistry and functions. Indeed, this book is an excellent addition to your bookshelf, as it can enhance your overall health through systematic eating habits and simple, balanced exercise programs.

What are the main points?

Also referred to as ‘The You Diet,’ You on a Diet is written in an interesting, convincing way, and hence is not gimmicky. Some of the key points that form part of this astounding book are:

  • Devising an automatic eating plan i.e. compulsorily eat three prime meals a day, apart from the intake of planned, healthy snack. It would be even better if you could consume same food for breakfast and lunch every day.
  • Focus on waist measurement rather than giving importance to your overall weight, as excess fat in the waist may lead to devastating ailments such as high blood pressure, coronary heart problems, stroke, and diabetes.
  • Types of foods: As per this diet plan, it is recommended to eat more fiber-contained food as well as foods inclusive of Omega III and VI fat, in addition to cutting down items like white food, trans fat, and saturated fat.
  • Stay fit and satisfied through the intake of food in every 3 to 4 hours, however in right, healthy quantity.
  • Proper Exercise plans, which include walking for at least 30 minutes every day, performing 30 minutes weight training every week, performing 60 minutes high intensity cardio every week, and engaging in some kind of work like cleaning your refrigerator
  • Getting proper sleep, i.e., at least of 7-8 hours
  • Drinking plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day
  • Improve self-image

What are the food restrictions?

According to this diet plan, certain foods are strictly not recommended, particularly white foods including:

  • sugar
  • white grains
  • white bread
  • foods made of high fructose corn syrup
  • trans fats
  • saturated fat

What foods should I eat if I was going to follow?

Among the foods that are encouraged when you follow this diet plan are those:

  • rich in fiber
  • high omega 3’s and 6’s
  • protein packed
  • whole grains
  • and healthy unsaturated fats

Is it expensive?

As mentioned earlier is not just a typical diet plan but also an all-inclusive health related book covering everything that could help person in gaining energy and confidence by shedding his or her unhealthy pounds, especially from the waist. The book was $16.50 with free shipping.  Since there isn’t a subscription to get all of his information and he does make all his secrets public, we think this is great.

MyFit Conclusion

Dr. Oz’s book does what all the other most recents diets are doing lately accept that he does it in a way that everyone can understand and does a good job explaining what the risks are of NOT losing the extra weight.

While this book is for the general public, it does not provide a lot of useful information for the fitness crowd so we suggest if you have a good level of knowledge of weight loss to look elsewhere.

Do you think Dr. Oz has ‘sold out’? We think once a celebrity sells out all their products lose credibility. Dr. Oz is close to that by pushing a lot of the ‘products’ he does.

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