Eat Right for Your Blood Type

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What is it?

The Blood type diet is simply a nutrition plan devised according to your blood type, which in turn is the classification of blood according to the level of antigens found on the red blood cells. Blood types include Type A, Type B, Type AB and Type O. There is always an important relationship with your blood type and the food you consume. Genetic inheritance is the main factor that causes a chemical reaction in your body with respect to the food that you eat is an abundant protein found in food called the lectins. The lectins that are absorbed from your typical diet into the blood are unmatched to the natural antigen of your blood type and thus can lead to agglutination or clumping of blood cells. Though not life-threatening, the incorporation of lectins in your blood can cause some critical problems related to clogging of blood cell in certain areas inside your body. Lectins that are specific to certain blood types can be disastrous. Even though majority of lectins entering our body are eliminated by our immune system, certain minute percentage of lectins do filter into the bloodstream to cause clogging. Therefore, it is important to restore our genetic rhythm by following the diet that is best suited to your blood type.

Advantages of eating for your blood type

In addition to the restoration of genetic rhythm of your body by preventing agglutination, the main advantage of eating for your blood type is to offer great metabolic nutrition to your body. Blood type diet also helps in loosing weight and strengthening immune system. If you follow this diet plan, you can avoid numerous common viruses and infections as well as fight against dangerous diseases, such as liver failure, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, you can keep away from the factors that source cellular breakdown, and consequently slow the aging process.

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Blood Type and Foods to Eat

For each blood type, foods are arranged into groups such as ‘beneficial’, ‘neutral’ and ‘harmful’. Beneficial foods act as medicines, neutral foods act as foods and harmful foods act as poisons.

Type A

Type A blood type group should follow a vegetarian blood type diet by including lots of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and beans. However, food like tofu and sea food are also allowed. To help with weight loss purpose, they need to avoid food like meat, dairy, wheat, lima beans and kidney beans.

Type B

Type B blood type people should follow balanced omnivore diet profile where meat (no chicken) vegetables and fruit grains, legumes, dairy and beans are allowed, but should avoid peanuts, corn, sesame, lentil, seeds, wheat and buckwheat.

Type AB

Blood type AB people ought to follow mixed diet in moderation meat with vegetables, fruits, dairy, seafood, tofu, legumes, beans, grains, and avoid red meat, corn, lima beans, seeds, kidney beans and buckwheat.

Type O

Blood type O people should follow a high protein diet with vegetables, fruit meat, fish while avoiding lentils, corn, wheat, kidney beans, cabbage, mustard greens navy beans, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

Blood Type O is blessed with the characteristics of being able to metabolize every type of food owing to strong acids and enzymes in their stomach. Beetroot leaves, broccoli, garlic, leeks, red onions, yellow onions, Spanish onions, pumpkin, seaweeds, spinach and sweet potatoes are the vegetables work well for this blood type. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, essene bread, carob, seaweeds, lamb, mayonnaise are other items. For cooking, they can use flaxseed oil or olive oil. They can also opt for herbal teas (like fenugreek, ginger or peppermint) and fruit juices (pineapple or prune.)


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