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Rod Ferris December 23, 2011 2
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Blueberries are rich in antioxidants

What is it?

Abs Diet is a nutritional diet created by David Zinczenko, a Men’s Health Magazine editor. David has created this diet with the idea that you can not actually diet but change the type of food you eat and you will lose weight.  The principles of the Abs Diet can be adopted by anyone. The Abs Diet mainly recommends six small meals a day. The Abs Diet includes a 7 day meal plan, composing of 12 Power foods, with other recipes. In this plan one meal per week is selected as a cheat meal, that is you can eat anything according to your wish. Abs Diet recommends avoiding processed or refined carbs, high sugar foods, fatty meats etc.

The ABS Diet Power Foods are given below

Almonds and Other Nuts eaten with skins intact.

Beans and Other Legumes

Spinach and Other Green Vegetables

Dairy: Fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese

Oatmeal is a great source of complex carbohydratesInstant Oatmeal: Unsweetened, unflavored (MyFit would recommend steel cut instead)


Turkey and other lean meats. Lean steak, chicken, fish

Peanut Butter – All-natural, sugar-free.

Olive Oil

Whole-Grain Breads and Cereals

Extra-Protein (Whey) Powder

Raspberries and Other Berries


  • Each breakfast, lunch and dinner must contain at least three of the above said power foods.
  • The snacks should include at least one Power Food.

The Abs Diet not only give importance to reducing abdominal fat but also that the twelve ‘Power Food’s help achieve a  muscular body.

According to David Zinczenko, the inventor, application of Abs Diet improve the visibility of abdominal muscles. Almonds, spinach, raspberries, turkey etc are more important in the case of maintenance of strong body with strong muscles.


We should understand the importance of the above said Power Foods. Most athletes, body builders, fitness models etc were already applying the identical basic fundamentals of this diet. They used the principles like eating more often in a day, eating more lean proteins etc. Some believe that calorie restriction is the only way to lose weight. The Abs Diet provides a better longer term solution for these people without much more limitations.

Abs Diet also helps reduce back pain and injury by presenting certain exercises to complete. Recent researchers shown that the more muscle mass the better overall health of an individual. Being healthy can help fight the onset of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer etc.

David claims that

 “You can build a great figure and flat stomach within 6 weeks by applying Abs Diet rules.  The Abs Diet offers fastest, simplest and most effective plan to cut away fat from belly and fats in the body can be converted into muscle. “

Other Claims by the Abs Diet

Eat more to weigh less 

The 12 Power Foods improves strength of your abdominal muscles by cutting away the fat, just like a magic.  MyFit would definitely not call this magic but we would like to say that with hard exercising and discipline you can easily weigh less by eating more (not necessarily calories).

Turn Fat into Muscle

While, we know that you cannot convert fat into muscle, but the abs diet keeps this myth alive for people who have lots of it.

Look and Feel Younger

MyFit can validate this claim.  Obviously if you’re eating better and exercising more you will look and probably feel younger.

Enhance Sex Life

We also assume that if you are looking sexier that you will become more confident which also helps your sex life.

The Best Exercises to Get 6 Pack Abs

6 Pack Abs are actually very hard to achieve and require around 8-10% bodyfat.  Just exercising your abdominals will not reveal your abs.  You need to lose the layers of bodyfat above your abdominals.

Best Three Abs Exercises

There are mainly three best exercises for upper and lower abs: the bicycle maneuver, crunches on an exercise ball and captain’s chair. Of these three exercises bicycle maneuver is a best one, which requires no equipment. This can be done more effectively without gadgets and machines from the market and it is also more simple. Captain’s chair is also a best one that requires a type of equipment which is found at most gyms.

Diet tips to lose belly fat fast and get that 6 pack abs quicker

1) Eat light and well-distributed meals throughout the day. You must include snacks (which include protein and vegetables) after the breakfast, lunch and dinner. This makes the increasing of metabolism and can make the break down of fats easier.

2) High Fiber containing foods must be chosen. For this Fruits and Vegetables are the best ones.

3) Consume healthy protein supplying food items like tuna, salmon like fishes, eggs, cottage cheese, almonds etc. Eating meals high in protein improves your BMR.

4) Eat more complex carbohydrates to get keep your glycemic index stable. Complex carbohydrates such as steel cut oats, rye bread are great sources.

5) Lessen alcohol consumption as it does not provide any benefit to your abs.

6) Keep your body hydrated with plenty of water.

7) Keep your body in a Alkaline PH state. This will help keep your body burning fat instead of muscle while at rest.