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The Top 30 Tips to Change your Body

Rod Ferris February 4, 2014 Comments Off on The Top 30 Tips to Change your Body

30 Tips to Change Your Body

The Top 30 Tips to Change your Body

We have scoured tips, studies and fellow trainers advice and have come up with a printable list of tips you should put on your fridge as a reminder in 2014 to get more muscle and less fat. We could explain every point in detail but would like to keep it as a checklist.
  1. Eat at least four times per day
    There is so much conflicting advice but you should be eating at least 4 times per day (some say 6) with a minimum of 20  and max of 30 grams of complete protein (link)
    This is the best nutritional program you can follow.  It is a well-rounded and fat burning meal plan that is easy to remember and the best one we have rated to this date.
  3. Eat vegetables to keep the body in a muscle building and fat burning environment.  When you body enters an acidic PH state it is harder to prevent unwanted (link)
  4. Do 20-30 minutes of super intense HIIT every other day
    High intensity interval training is the fastest way to improve your VO2 MAX in the shortest amount of time along with burning a lot of fat.  It’s a much less time consuming way of working out. (link)
  5. Track and analyse your progress for faster gains (link)
    Tracking your progress allows you to see if you are improving.  There are several ways to do this from an app on your phone or a printed workout log book.
  6. Every workout should vary either your frequency, intensity, time or type (FITT)
    Periodization isn’t new but I can guarantee that most workout people do not use it to the fullest.  Have a good read here for a good overview of what you should know.
  7. Do squats, clean and jerk, bench press and deadlifts
    These compound exercises recruit the most amount of muscle fibres which helps the most amount of fat burning and muscle generating hormones.  It also helps break down your muscles faster than trying to do a bunch of isolation exercises like.
  8. Drink 8 glasses of 8 ounce glasses of water a lot to stay hydrated (link)
    Drinking enough water can have a lot of benefits from increased weight loss  to better skin.
  9. Make active plans during your “snacking” time
    A lot of us snack and snack at a certain time of the day and can’t help break the habit.  It’s either because you’re board or maybe it’s because you’ve programmed yourself to be hungry at that time because you always have food at that time.  Try to make plans with people doing something active.  Couples who sweat together, stay together.
  10. Rest each muscle for 48-72 hours if doing more than 4-5 sets on it
    Proper resting time is required to make sure that you’ve healed all the muscle fibres so they are fresh for the next time that you break them down during a workout.
  11. Drink milk (casein protein optional) before bed
    Having casein protein (80%) mixed with some whey protein and milk is the best way to keep your body in an anabolic state (link).
  12. Setting goals
    When setting goals you should follow the following.   They should be specific and challenging but yet attainable.  You should be setting milestones to celebrate and find a buddy to help keep you honest. Finally you should be learning from your progress.  If you are failing at achieving these goals you should adjust one of the following above (link).
  13. Weigh yourself daily
    Weighing yourself is easy and a great reminder when you eat something you know you shouldn’t  “Daily self-weighing did not appear to be related to increased disordered eating behavior and was associated with better weight loss outcomes.” (link)  A great way to make this easy to analyze is through a wifi scale such as the Withings scale.
  14. Use circuits
    To save time. 40 minutes 3-5 days a week is all that is needed (link)
  15. Use a protein and carbohydrate recovery drink
    The research is clear that the use of these types of drinks is a necessity for during and after a workout.  If you’re not using one you’re not gaining all that you could.  If you’re just trying to burn fat you can dial down the amount of carbohydrates and keep the protein there.  Fast acting whey is suggested.
  16. Try frequent intermittent fasting
    We wont get into all the details but this link is a full course on why you should try it.  It does sound counter intuitive but this is science people.
  17. Use advanced training principles
    Use giant sets, negatives, pyramids and other methods frequently.  They help your body prevent a plateau and give you gains faster through the same FIIT principle as above.
  18. Time your sets
    A muscle building or hypertrophy goal workout set should take 50 seconds to complete.  Strength should be around 1-30 seconds and muscular endurance 80-90 seconds. If you are not timing your sets you are not getting the full benefit to your workouts.
  19. Don’t sit all day
    Sitting all day changes your body in a very negative way. Schedule high intensity walks on breaks. A fitness tracker will help.
  20. Drink green tea
    Green tea almost seems magical with all the positive things that it does for your body.
  21. Drink coffee
    Recently there was a new study that suggested that coffee does not dehydrate you!  That’s great news because there is now no reason now not to drink it unless you actually cannot stand the taste of it.
  22. Take progress photos
    What is more motivational than looking at yourself and imagining it being a before photo?  We suggest taking pictures every month.
  23. Don’t drink calorie wasting drinks
    Soda, beer or spirits (Red wine is ok on occasion)
  24. Commit to change
    Think about what is preventing you from gaining muscle and losing fat and make a mental and physical effort to prevent that from being.  Write down the top five things in your life from preventing you from achieving what you want and remind yourself of those often.
  25. Compete with a friend
    One of the best reasons to get a fitness tracker is the friendly comparison feature.  I personally walk a lot more because my friends see it!  Walking isn’t the fastest or even the best way to make a change but it does prevent you from number 19
  26. Stick to it
    Research shows that it takes on average around 66 days to form a habit but for some people it can range from 18-254 days.
This is my must have list for body compositional change. I have posted all the sources for these beside the statements.
27-30 are the following.  If you can’t follow all that was talked about above, remember this word:


Recovery Drink
Want an even more comprehensive list if you’ve completed all these and it’s still not helping?  Check out our Top 71 Weight Loss Tips

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